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Basic information about plots in Dobřejovice

The OPTREAL is preparing 34 plots for the individual construction of houses in Dobřejovice village near Prague, which in recent years became a popular place for new housing. This is the first stage of an additional residential area in this village with a total of 60 pieces of land, which develops in two stages. The first stage envisages the sale of pieces of land in sizes from 1 081 to 1 275 m2.

New sites extend the original built-up area in Dobřejovice and complement a recently realized residential area.

Our current locality “Near Průhonice Park” lies on the western edge of the village in a slightly steep land near the road and the edge of a nature preserve Průhonice Park. In extends in a straight line the original built-up area of Dobřejovice and newer 51 building grounds, which were completed by our company in 2006.

Modern buildings and houses in traditional style

In cooperation with the renowned Prague city planners, architects and representatives of the Dobřejovice village, the OPTREAL Company developed an extensive regulatory plan. A new urban concept and building regulation established is unequivocally to the benefit of appearance of the area that is being built and the quality of life therein. In any case, new owners do not need to worry about a uniform approach to the project. Building lots are prepared for individual construction and future owners thus have a sufficient freedom to decide whether to build a modern house or to choose a traditional architecture. The result will be a life welcoming, spacious and aesthetically residential area.

Our intention is making sure that the client´s investments in Dobřejovice are much better protected by enabling their time appreciation and creating prerequisites for their contented living in an exceptional environment near Prague.

Benefits and new trend to be introduced by OPTREAL in Dobřejovice

- completely new concept of street space including wider streets

- greater amount of greening

- considerable degree of privacy for new residents

no disturbing and unsightly houses in the neighbourhood, as sometimes happens

- colour-coordinated houses in natural shades

- extensive parks with children's playgrounds, relaxation zones and land for public facilities in both stages of the project


Other benefits of the project Dobřejovice near to Průhonice Park

proximity of Prague and fast transport connection - the pieces of land are located only 10 km from the edge of Prague and 15 km from the city centre

- connection to the D1 motorway at a distance of 3.5 km

very good connections to Prague with PID lines 328 and 363 to metro Opatov

-basic civic amenities in place - kindergarten, library and post office located in Dobřejovice

- all amenities with kindergartens, health centre, shopping centre and restaurants in Jesenice 5 km away

- wide range of shops, services and several restaurants are available in the commercial zone Čestlice only 6 km away


Nature, sport and entertainment within reach

- National Historic Landmark Průhonice Park within a 5-minute walk

- dendrology garden for plant lovers open in Čestlice

- option of spending active leisure in the largest water park in the Czech Republic - Aqua Park Čestlice including the sauna world and fitness centre

-newly constructed building plots are located in a place that allows a wide range of outdoor activities, such as staying in the Průhonice Park, visiting the history-rich castle grounds with a chapel in Dobřejovice, walking and biking. During winter, this environment is ideal for cross-country skiing.

For more information about the village Dobřejovice, please see the official municipal website:

Dobřejovice II. phase - smazat
Photo gallery

We are photographing actual state of land 2 or 3 times per year and documenting the development of the site and progress of the work. Through the use of aerial photographs you can get better idea about the location and its surroundings.


1_Aerial view at a locality (174x174)
Aeiral view at a locality
Aerial view
2_Aerial view at a locality (174x174)
Aeiral view at a locality
Aerial view
3_ Future plots (174x174)
Future plots
In location
4_ Locality from West (174x174)
Locality from West
In location
4_ Locality from West (174x174)
South West view
In location
6_Surroundings (174x174)
In location
7_Bus stop (174x174)
Bus stop
In location
8_ Koralek maternity school (174x174)
Koralek maternity school
Civic amnesties
9_ Elementary school (174x174)
Elementary school
Civic amnesties
10_ House (174x174)
Civic amnesties
11_ Dobrejovice Municipality, local schop (174x174)
Dobrejovice Municipality, local schop
Civic amnesties
12_ Football Club (174x174)
Football Club
Civic amnesties
Wrote about us
OPTREAL Ltd company prepared so far unique project in Dobřejovice near Prague in cooperation with Prague's renowned urban planners and architects, companies AURS, house and town, and village representatives in the Czech Republic.

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