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Průhonický park - jih - Luxury plots

Location Golf Konopiště is located in the outskirts of the village Tvoršovice approximately 40 km south of Prague in truly beautiful forests and meadows, near the city Bystřice by Benešov. In the immediate vicinity is Golf Resort Konopiště.
At a distance of 5 km from our location is the city Bystřice Benešov. Here you can find a wide amenities, including a kindergarten, primary school, library, post office and several restaurants. Other important facilities including a hospital and several secondary schools are located nearby Benešov just 7 km away from the village Tvoršovice.
Village Tvoršovice land falls under the city Bystřice. Official website of Bystřice -

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In locality Průhonický park - South we newly offer 26 luxury plots to be used for the construction of individual family houses.

  • Larger area plots ranging from 1,650 to 3,617 sqm
  • 80 m from the entrance to the Průhonice Park nature preserve
  • Very tranquil locality, simultaneuously making an impression of coziness and luxury
  • The Prague Public Transport line no. 327 stop, heading towards metro C - Opatov is located in Pražská Street, just under 1,5 km from the location
  • Several Prague public Transport lines run between Jesenice and various parts of Osnice, by which it is possible to approach the properties, however, none of them run directly to this locality
  • The D1 onramp is approximately 5,5 km distant
  • All amenities can be found in Jesenice, the surrounding municipalities, suburban areas and in Prague
  • The edge of Prague is approximately 15 km distant from this location
  • Very tranquil location, with the added bonus of the Průhonice Park literally right around the corner, with excellent opportunities for outdoor activities for undertaking sporting activities of various types.


Plots are located only about half an hour walk from the Průhonice natural reserve park
D1 motorway approach is less than 4 km away