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Photo gallery Průhonický park - Jih

Průhonický park - jih - Luxury plots

Photo gallery

We are photographing actual state of land 2 or 3 times per year and documenting the development of the site and progress of the work. Through the use of aerial photographs you can get better idea about the location and its surroundings.


OPT pruhonice zakres (174x174)
Future possible view of the site
3D visualization
1-Pohled na lokalitu z jihu (174x174)
1-South view on locality
Aerial view
2-Sousedstvi s Pruh (174x174)
2-Průhonice park in neighbourhood
Aerial view
3-Vstup do Pruhonickeho parku (174x174)
3-Entrance to the Průhonice park
Aerial view
4-Okoli lokality na zapad (174x174)
4-View on West
Aerial view
5-Okoli lokality na zapad II (174x174)
5-View on West II
Aerial view
6-Pohled na jihovychod (174x174)
6-South East view
Aerial view
7-Pohled smerem na jih (174x174)
7-South direction view
Aerial view
8-Stav pozemku zari 2015 (174x174)
8-Plots – September, 2015
Aerial view
9_Pruhonicky park (174x174)
9-Průhonice park
In location
10-Pruhonicky park (174x174)
10-Průhonice park
In location
11-Pruhonicky park (174x174)
11-Průhonice park
In location
12-Pruhonicky zamek (174x174)
12-Průhonice castle
In location