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The construction of utility networks continues with the construction of energy pillars for gas and electricity connections to individual building plots. The expected completion of these works is scheduled for the end of June this year.
According to the schedule of works, water supply and sewerage including connections in Jílové near to Prague were completed.
Approximately on mid-January, the work started on the deepest engineering networks, i.e. the rainwater and sewerage system. The deadline for the expected completion of these engineering networks is early spring.
During the summer and autumn, OPTREAL arranged for the construction of engineering networks. In November and December 2016, the competent authorities were successively issuing valid building approval decisions on the last built utility networks. This nice location is completely finished.
To ensure a pleasant standard of living for our clients who are gradually starting to build their homes in the locality, we have sown grass and planted different types of trees. What cannot be overlooked is a newly built playground and a gazebo.
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