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Life in new dimensions

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We bring you the photos of a children´s playground in Čerčany, which was completed by OPTREAL in August this year.
The spring completion of the Čerčany site included finishing works to follow up on already completed engineering networks.
In the past weeks, we have completed the construction of most engineering networks in the Třebotov area, such as sewerage, water, electricity and gas. The public lighting, curbs and lower layers of communications are also completed.
During the winter, the OPTREAL he received a valid occupancy permit even for the last utilities in this area, which include the public lighting and traffic communications.
Thanks to the engineering networks built, for which the OPTREAL gradually received valid occupancy approval decision at the end of the last year, nothing prevents the landowners to apply for a building permit. After its receipt, they can start building their houses.
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Wrote about us
OPTREAL Ltd company prepared so far unique project in Dobřejovice near Prague in cooperation with Prague's renowned urban planners and architects, companies AURS, house and town, and village representatives in the Czech Republic.