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Water, electricity, gas, drainage and public lighting are already finished in the locality. In mid-November, the OPTREAL received another valid building approval for the communications built. In the past weeks sidewalks by main roads have also been completed and approved for use. Sidewalks inside the location, in the parks and the future playground, are built already as well. Their approval is scheduled for next spring.
The distribution of public lighting, low and high voltage, including lines and the substation has been completed in the Čerčany locality. These wirings have already been approved.
The construction of the medium-pressure gas pipeline has been completed in the locality, including connections to individual plots, which are ended in combined piers built up on the borders of those properties.
Based on the building permits that have already entered into force, the construction work has been launched.
Under the current legislation in force, the real estate transfer tax is usually paid by the seller (unless the parties of the seller and the buyer agree otherwise). The other party stands surety for the payment of tax. Amendments in legislation approved by the Parliament of the CR and signed by the President on 27 July 2016 bring a fundamental change – from 1 November 2016, the tax will be paid by the buyer.
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Wrote about us
OPTREAL Ltd company prepared so far unique project in Dobřejovice near Prague in cooperation with Prague's renowned urban planners and architects, companies AURS, house and town, and village representatives in the Czech Republic.