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If you are going to buy property in the form of mortgages or housing loan, we will be happy to give you a helping hand with no fee. We can negotiate for you a more favourable interest rate and many other benefits.
The basic service networks, such as sewerage, water and gas have already been developed in the location. Also completed are the construction layers of roadways and one-quarter of the curbs.
In the first half of April we completed construction of a gas line in Čerčany. This means the locality is now equipped with all key utilities, that is, water mains, sewerage and gas.
On April 11, construction of utility networks on lands in the Herink commenced with the stripping of topsoil.
On Friday, April 9th, OPTREAL started selling new plots for building family houses in Mirosovice near Prague.
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Wrote about us
OPTREAL Ltd company prepared so far unique project in Dobřejovice near Prague in cooperation with Prague's renowned urban planners and architects, companies AURS, house and town, and village representatives in the Czech Republic.