In Dobřejovice, the OPTREAL planted greenery and built a nice playground and a gazebo

Life in new dimensions

To ensure a pleasant standard of living for our clients who are gradually starting to build their homes in the locality, we have sown grass and planted different types of trees. What cannot be overlooked is a newly built playground and a gazebo.


The playground is located approximately in the middle of the site with pieces of land. It is therefore ideally available from all building plots. For safety and hygienic reasons, we have provided it with a low fence. There is a climbing jungle, a slide that can definitely not be missed on the playground, various types of swings, and a drawing board and, of course, a sand pit.

Near the children's playground, there is a wooden gazebo with benches, which is designed for a variety of neighbouring encounters of the inhabitants of this lucrative site and their friends.




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Starostům obcí se příliš nechce do moderně pojatého rozvoje.

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