Desired new plots in Dobřejovice near to Průhonický Park are on sale

Life in new dimensions

At the beginning of March this year, the OPTREAL launched the sale of 31 new pieces of land in the lucrative site of Dobřejovice. New pieces of land are closely adjacent to the lands we were selling in the recent years. Together, they will create a very beautiful and pleasant place to live.


The clients´ interest in plots in Dobřejovice still continued. We had been working intensively to offer you new parcels of the same standard and we are very happy that we have succeeded.


We have created a coherent regulatory plan with renowned urban planners for the site near to Průhonický Park as a whole, thanks to which a truly high-quality location is being developed. You do not have to be afraid of tawdry houses, fences or colour combinations in your closest neighbourhood or in the location itself.


For further details please click on Dobřejovice locality on our websites. Mr. Petr Pohnán, our salesman, is also looking forward to provide you with all sorts of detailed information about the project.



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