Announcement on newly built bus stations and landscaping in Dobřejovice site

Life in new dimensions

In autumn last year and in cooperation with local authorities, we built new bus stops in Dobřejovice, which are directly adjacent to lands in our area. This is an important benefit for future residents who will thus not depend solely on using their personal cars.


Dobřejovice zastávkaPrague or nearby and distant villages will be accessible by two suburban bus lines - no. 363 and 436. The bus line 363 departs from the metro Opatov and drives through Průhonice, Čestlice and Dobřejovice up to Velké Popovice. The bus line 436 departs from Mukařov and drives through Říčany, Dobřejovice and Herink to Jesenice near Prague.


Before the end of last year, the OPTREAL completed landscaping. Dozens of trees and shrubs, whose composition had been carefully selected so as to withstand various weather conditions, were planted across the site. These include several species of maple, plum, linden trees as well as shrubs, such as Weigela florida, i.e. white and pink flowering shrub originating from East Asia. Shrubs and trees are already entrenched and prepared to green and embellish the whole area and as soon as the spring comes.


Later on, the timber species range will be even extended after building a leisure park.



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