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An issued building permit for road infrastructure took legal effect in the second half of May this year. Construction of transport infrastructure in Dobřejovice has been already started.
During October last year, OPTREAL completed the laying of asphalts, which virtually closed the construction of utility lines in this location. The remaining final building approvals were delivered to us in successive steps, and all utilities are thus completed and approved.
Jílové locality, which was completed in 2018, has been enriched with a newly built playground. This playground is located among borders of plots of land in the upper part with views of the surrounding area.
At the beginning of March this year, the OPTREAL launched the sale of 31 new pieces of land in the lucrative site of Dobřejovice. New pieces of land are closely adjacent to the lands we were selling in the recent years. Together, they will create a very beautiful and pleasant place to live.
During the summer holiday months, OPTREAL has gradually completed further engineering networks, including electricity, low-voltage and gas.
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